PI/SE18-18 - “Kaleidoscope” Miyu

 Level  3  Cost  2
 Power  10000  Soul  2
 Trigger  1  Traits  «Master» «Magic»
 Effect  [A] When this Card is put on Stage from Hand or  put on Stage through CHANGE, look at the top X  Cards of your Library and choose up to 1 of them  and put it in your Hand. X is equal to the number of  «Magic» Characters you control.

 [A] When 「Class Card Saber」is put in your  Climax Zone, if this is in the Front Row, Draw 1  Card, and for the turn, gains +1500 Power and the  following ability. 「[A] When the Opposing  Character  is reversed, you may put it to the Bottom  of the Library」
 Flavour Text  It's the first time... Someone has called me a friend...