PI/SE18-17 - “Kaleidoscope” Illya

 Level  3  Cost  2
 Power  10000  Soul  2
 Trigger  1  Traits  «Master» «Magic»
 Effect  [A] When this Card is put on Stage from Hand or  through CHANGE, Draw up to 2 Cards and put  1  Card from your Hand into the Waiting Room

 [A] [Put a 「Class Card Saber」from your Hand  into the Waiting Room] When 「Class Card  Saber」is placed in your Climax Zone, if you have  another 「"Kaleidoscope" Miyu」put the top Card  of your Library into the Waiting Room. If it's Level  is 1 or lower, you may pay the cost. If you do, all  your Character gains the following ability for the  turn. 「[A] When this Card Attacks, deal 1 damage  to your Opponent] (Climax Cards are considered  Level 0. Damage cancellation can occur) 
 Flavour Text  I want to be of help to Miyu, like she did for me