PI/SE18-20 - Magical Sapphire

 Level  0  Cost  0
 Power  500  Soul  1
 Trigger  -  Traits  «Magic» « - - - »
 Effect  [C] If there are 5 or more Cards in your Hand, all  your other Characters gain +500 Power.

 [C] When you pay the cost of an [S] ability of a  Character in your Hand or on Stage, you may put 1  marker that is under this to your Waiting Room  instead of paying 1 Stock.

 [A] [Put two of your Stand Characters to Rest]  When this Card is put to Stage from Hand, you may  pay the cost. If you do, put the top Card of your  Library under this as a Marker
 Flavour Text  Is there something about the basis of that image?